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A senior dog's celebration of life.

It was a warm morning in Gallatin TN for our appointment at the greenway. This was a very special portrait session for my client. It was for her senior dog's celebration of life. Bubby, a Boston Terrier, shows his age with grey whiskers and cloudy eyes. Don't let that fool you.

Dog walking on greenway
Greenway in Gallatin

He had lots of pep in his step as he happily trotted down the paved path to each beautiful spot for his photo to be taken.

Boston Terrier sitting in wild flowers
Old Boston Terrier

The sparkly sunlight couldn't have been any more gorgeous through the cloudy sky and trees as the wind blew their Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. leaves back and forth. The tall grasses and wild flowers were the perfect contrasting backdrop for this little black and white tuxedo wearing fellow. He seemed so relaxed while his mama held him closely in her arms and kissed his head. Little Bubby really shined in his portrait session in every picture that we took together. There is something special about a senior dog portrait session. I know when my dog passed away two years ago I tried to round up every image of him just to feel like I had him back with me. This is such a special gift for dog and owner.

The experience is unforgettable and magical. Having these tender moments forever captured in time is one of the most priceless things and for this owner, she will be able to look back

at these and cherish the time she had with her beloved friend long after he crosses the rainbow bridge. I am so filled with joy in my heart to have met Bubby and his owner. Unconditional love at its finest.

A woman hugs her dog on a bridge.
True love between a woman and her dog.

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