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Going Live in 3..2..1..

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

I am sitting here in my Gallatin home with a hot cup of tea and two little munchkins under my desk as I type this first blog on my computer. The weather has been rainy and windy all day. A bag of goldfish has been dumped out and crushed little pieces seem to be finding their way into the cracks of the hardwood floor. I have been busy with a gorgeous photography series over this past month. Nashville Mama and baby sessions. Truly a magical and breathtaking photo session here in Nashville. The flowers are blooming and so are the cherry trees. It melts my heart while editing all of these beautiful portraits. Those beautiful babies, pudgy cheeks and toothless grins. Just heartwarming.

My babies are growing older each day, my oldest just turned 11, and the other two will be 5 and 2 in the months coming up. How are they getting so big so fast? I want to take you on a breathtaking visual journey around Nashville with my photographs. Being a family photographer here is truly a blessing. I love all the people I get to meet and interact with and all of the fluffy and playful pets that get to call this place their home. Photography is my passion and I can't wait to share it with you all! Be sure to check out all of the stunning galleries I have. I have a feeling there are some familiar faces on there for you to enjoy, like a special wiggly Beagle face and a goofy yellow lab. Anyway, welcome everyone! I can't believe that my family and pet photography site is going live.

Sit back with some tea and cookies and browse the beautiful images you see before you and if you feel up for it, leave a comment with some love and encouragement. Warm hugs -Melissa





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