• Melissa

Have you ever wondered what to get someone for Christmas?

Every year about this time the questions start running around my head of what to get everyone for Christmas. Today I am here to help you figure out that answer. We live in a world where everything is documented in pictures and video, but not much is tangible. Let me tell you though, having something to hold that is meaningful to a person and brings back memories is so powerful, and a gift that keeps on giving.

So for a very special limited time, I am offering a limited gift for you to give to a loved one. Whether they have children or pets or both, I promise this will be the best present ever. A private session with a $150 gift certificate to use towards any product they would want for displaying their portraits. You can gift this to your wife or husband, grandmother, or anyone you love. This is the perfect gift for Christmas. It's yours to give for just $99. How sweet of a deal is that. There definitely won't be a re-gift or this present. No doubles under the tree this year.

Custome framed print gallery of dogs and their people.
Custom framed print gallery.

But wait!!! There's more. What would Christmas be without some Christmas miracles? For previous clients only, sessions before October 2019, you can give this gift to one friend or family for FREE! If your would like to take advantage of this limited offer, email me or call and I will get it all set up! This offer is good until December 23rd 2019. No waiting for shipping, no crazy wait at the post office! Happy Holidays from me to yours.

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